Gunung Capital alongside the government of Sukabumi officially opened a bridge for Cilele, Pabuaran district in Sukabumi, West Java, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. This action was in collaboration with Yayasan Sehati Gerak Bersama.

Stretching 100 meters, this magnificent bridge was built above the Cikaso River, connecting two villages, Sirnasari village in Pabuaran district and Neglasari village, all the way in the subdistrict of Purabaya. The villages have an estimated population of 714 people.   

Previously, people would have to cross the Cikaso River with a self-crafted bamboo raft. This could be dangerous, especially considering the unpredictable heavy rains or intense water currents, meaning people would risk their lives just to travel across the river.

The leader of Gunung Capital expressed gratitude toward the Sukabumi administration and Yayasan Sehati Gerak Bersama for granting support and access along the journey of building the bridge. In addition, Gunung Capital managing partner Kelvin Fu expressed the company’s care toward the community. 

“Infrastructure has become one of our main pillars within the CSR activities of Gunung Capital, and the creation of this bridge is our implemented proof. We created this bridge for the community of Cilele in the hope of providing safety when crossing the Cikaso River,” highlighted Kelvin.

Safety considered, the route bridging the land between the two subdistricts has not only enabled hope, but ease and an accelerated mobility for the community.

“The Dream Bridge” is its current celebrated name as it has been long-awaited by the community of its surroundings.

This article was published in with the title “Gunung Capital grants Cilele the dream bridge “.




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