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Investment strategy


Gunung Capital has a consistent reputation for value creation and delivers attractive returns across diversified regions, businesses, and sectors. Gunung Capital supports companies in achieving their carbon reduction goals through the adoption and implementation of comprehensive emission reduction strategies and turning climate action into long term business opportunities.


Gunung Capital Playbook

icon governance

Excellent corporate governance

We excel in implementing corporate governance initiatives and transformations through optimum business models and investment management

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Versatile and experienced staff

Our experienced management team is extremely capable of managing big funds and investments in carbon markets

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Extensive capital investments experience

Leverage over 5 decades of experience to manage complex business investments and to meet investor and other stakeholder expectations


Relentless focus on decarbonisation

We firmly believe in working for the environment and aggressively pursue net-zero goals through new partnerships and business transformation


Gunung Capital Framework


Deal diversification

Qualified investment opportunities are validated through risk-reward analysis and in-depth experience by a tailored deal team. We identify mid-market companies undergoing complex financial, operational, and structural changes in markets where inefficiencies and mispricing of assets occurs. We establish a first-mover advantage by undertaking daring projects that suit our large-scale capital. Our eye for good businesses with high potential in need of financial assistance has allowed us to see that the best opportunities are often in sectors and markets experiencing challenges.


Due diligence


Cost improvement

After a thorough assessment of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, we enhance revenue and reduce costs through revenue management, waste, and bureaucracy reduction, streamlining processes, and improving overall productivity. We address a wide range of categories, including human capital, supply chain and procurement, networks, warehouse management, outsourcing, and general and administration expenses.


Asset Efficiency

Responsive restructuring


Exit advisory, planning and execution



We are thought-leaders driving change with our integrated investment approach.

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