Who we are

An asset management institution driven on impact investments guided by environmental, social, and governance frameworks

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Gunung Capital is a private investment management company focused on impact investments guided by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks. The management team’s vision is to help the world better protect the environment by investing and supporting carbon markets, encouraging adoption of decarbonization technology and related innovation, establishing carbon credits as a recognized emerging asset class, and ultimately funneling more capital into sustainable enterprises.

Partnering closely with global investors, policy makers, non-governmental organizations and enterprises, Gunung Capital is committed to dealing with climate change and making the future of transformation capital flow more seamlessly and efficiently.

Our Roots

In 1970, a small steel mill was established during a time when no one dared invest in steel. Building from the ground up, that steel mill is now one of the largest, privately-owned, vertically-integrated steel companies in Southeast Asia – leading the industry and setting a precedence for the level of excellence, experience, and expertise required of a world-class company. Over the years, our track record of transparency, accountability, and professionalism has created a network of strategic connections with investors and partners in China, Thailand, and Japan, throughout Asia and around the world.

As we learned and mastered how to own, operate and invest in our own company, it became clear that the next step would be to help other promising businesses do the same.


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Kimin Tanoto

Co-Founder and CEO

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Kelvin Fu

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Aemir Agussalam - Investment General Manager of Gunung Capital

Aemir Agussalam

Investment General Manager

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Rien Claresta

Investment Manager



Our approach to investing comes from investing our own capital in developing and operating assets acquired, and understanding the importance of providing an integrated solution for any project we embark on to achieve net-zero goals.

Patient Capital

We know game-changing transformation does not happen overnight, so our approach avoids the volatility of short-term investment and provides a platform to invest in daring projects with long-term value. Through intensive due diligence, a deep bench of experienced executives, determined partnerships defined by capital, experiential and operational expertise that result in substantial returns down the road.



Local and regional expertise

With investment experience navigating the political, social, and cultural intricacies of Indonesia, China, Europe, and the United States, we have access to markets, connections in the region, fluency in several relevant languages, international business culture and management skills acquired from top-tier global educational institutions.



Experienced investing team

Our investment teams provide effective oversight of the whole investment process, improving business ecosystems, and establishing good corporate governance to keep companies on track for success, returns, and results. While ensuring our goals are aligned with UN SDGs, our teams analyze, calculate, and draw insights for growth and continuous development from management and hiring to corporate culture and merit-based performance reviews.



End-to-end integrated solutions

Our manufacturing and business-building background give us a unique understanding of the value chain and the importance of controlling all aspects of it, particularly in Indonesia. For viable end-to-end solutions and responsible stewardship, we retain strategic oversight and control to all pieces of the project.



Value creation

Applied across the entire value chain, our investment approach and methodology deploy techniques and tools to increase the top line or cut costs by identifying, quantifying and delivering value in waves of services. From deal origination and intensive due diligence to cash improvement and asset efficiency, our primary aim is to optimize long-term financial, social and environmental value for our company, partners, investors, shareholders and communities.




We support achieving carbon reduction goals through adoption and implementation of comprehensive emission reduction strategies, turning climate action into long term business opportunities for organizations around the world. Firm-wide, we have policies and processes in place to ensure our long-term success and allow us to sustain the interests of our stakeholders.