Gunung Capital Builds a Bridge to Connect Local Communities and Enhance Livelihoods

After collapsing, the Kubang Bridge in Karangtengah Village, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java is finally standing stronger again. The Kubang Bridge in this rural area was rebuilt, thanks to the assistance of steel materials from Gunung Capital, a company engaged in investment and asset management.

The Regent of Sukabumi, Marwan Hamami, inaugurated a new bridge that was made to connect three Karang Tengah villages in the Cibadak District; Kaum kidul, Kubang, and Benda. The bridge was constructed between July 7 and August 2, after its predecessor collapsed in May. The Kubang Karang Tengah Cibadak Bridge is also the fourth bridge to be constructed by Gunung Capital.

“Infrastructure development is not only the responsibility of the government, but it is a shared responsibility according to the capacity of each implementation, applying an approach emphasizing aspirational and participatory ways,” said Marwan in a written statement on Wednesday (24/8/2022).

The new bridge, 40 meters long and 120 cm wide, was constructed by the Sukabumi Regency Government (Pemkab) with the Community and Volunteers for Flood and Landslide Disaster Management and Relawan Sehati, with the support of Gunung Capital, in collaboration with volunteers from the community. The new bridge was made from plate iron, wide flange (WF) iron, and elbow iron, and is connected with alternating wire, landing plate, harmonica wire, and more.

Marwan expressed his appreciation to those that helped for their commitment to the infrastructure development of the area. He added that steps like this have automatically helped local government programs in the development of the infrastructure sector and the recovery of conditions due to hydro climatology, which causes drought and flooding among others.

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“The construction of this bridge is our way of celebrating the 77th anniversary of Indonesian Independence and also to support the company’s efforts to improve our social environment,” said Kelvin Fu, Managing Partner of Gunung Capital.

Kelvin emphasized the company’s fast approach to construction. The action was taken right after hearing that the previous bridge collapsed in May, as the company immediately assisted in the form of quality steel materials. A bridge connecting the Kampung Kidul and Kampung Benda was constructed a month after the collapse.

“We are aware that this bridge has a strategic meaning for the community, both from an economic, educational and social perspective. We hope that the rebuilding of the bridge can help residents in their activities and serve as an economic driver for the residents, ” continued Kelvin.

The bridge is an essential part of the area, proven by how most of the people’s activities became disrupted after the collapse in May. “We are grateful for all the partners that came together to rebuild this bridge for the community. We hope that people’s mobility will be enhanced which will shorten the time taken for children to go to school and for adults to go to work and shop for groceries.” Kelvin concluded.

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